Independent Yogi is the administrative partner for yoga teachers who are expanding their reach by teaching workshops, retreats, and trainings. We also are a resource for studio owners and those interested in bringing new and dynamic yoga teachers, musicians, and offerings to their communities. As the yoga world continues its expansion, we provide a reasonable and economic way for yoga teachers to retain the business support they need to let their careers take flight. With over 20 years of combined industry experience our team has the knowledge to make strategic choices that will bring you successful results. You may be an independent practitioner or studio owner, but you do not have to work alone. Our combined efforts will materialize your mission. We believe that good yoga and good energy should be shared and multiplied! This is the mission of Independent Yogi.

Yoga Teachers & Musicians
The yoga sector is in constant evolution, and it can feel challenging to expand your yoga teaching career with ease. This is especially true if you do not have the staff and presence of larger yoga brands and personalities. By utilizing our services we will help you grow your ...
Studio Owners
We know that being an independent studio owner is full of rewards, but we also know the challenges studio owners face in maintaining an ever changing business.  Independent Yogi offers studio owners a variety of ways to expand their business model through hosting...
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Vyda Bielkus
David Romanelli (aka Yeah Dave)
Wade Imre Morissette
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